Love + Letterpress

Welcome to Ruby Press. We're sure happy you came for a visit. At Ruby Press work is designed and printed by hand, in the artisan style, by designer and printer Ruby Shadburne. Paper is cut on an antique Chandler and Price guillotine paper cutter, colors are hand-mixed from soy-based inks, and each card is placed by hand into turn-of-the-century Chandler and Price platen presses. We use only fine printmaking papers to create a debossed impression that can be felt as well as seen. We love our work and take great care to make each print outstanding.

Ruby Press is a one-woman operation, started when Ruby Shadburne decided to shuck off corporate servitude and put her design education and experience to more exciting use. It all started when a couple of presses mysteriously came her way. Not one to scoff at fate, Ruby seized a hammer, remodeled her garage into a print shop, and set about practicing the craft of letterpress–printing day and night.

The sweet little shop features cabinets brimming over with old type, two turn-of-the-century presses, and loyal shop dog Hannah Banana. Sustainability is a top priority: we use tree-free and recycled papers, low VOC cleaners, and soy-based ink. Our care goes way past simple concerns: We are cautious about not creating unnecessary waste. We reduce, reuse, and finally recycle everything that comes our way.

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