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Argo Limited Addition Sailing Ship Kite

Argo Limited Addition Sailing Ship Kite

"Second star from the right and straight on till morning!" 

Set sail and soar on the wind with our majestic limited edition Sailing Ship kite. Argo is screen printed with beautiful gold details. Each handmade kite really flies. Though functional, the ship kite also makes a beautiful decorative object displayed for home, office, or nursery. 

Haptic Lab makes handmade objects designed to playfully explore the sense of touch. Their mission is to craft products that create meaningful, positive connections between people and the planet. They design heirloom products that are responsibly sourced via small artisan vendors and factories, prioritizing long-term relationships with vendors from a perspective of mutual respect and equity.

Size: 27" L x 27" H x 22" W

Basic kite flying twine + easy assembly instructions

handy kite assembly video