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The Young Florist Gardening Kit

The Young Florist Gardening Kit

A themed gardening kit containing 6 seed varieties in a keepsake box letterpress printed in Portland, Oregon by Egg Press. 

  • Cupcakes Cosmos
  • Salmon Rose Scabiosa
  • Dara Pink Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Tower Chamois China Aster
  • Rose Campion
  • Oklahoma White Zinnia

A dreamy collection of easy to grow flowers.

Beautiful, easy to grow beauties for young flower tenders. This collection will make even the most experienced florist weak in the knees. Skip the lemonade stand this Summer and create a flower stand instead!


Rose campion, formally known as lychnis coronaria, is an easy-to-grow pink-magenta sweetheart plant with wooly gray leaves. Its name means "lamp" in Greek because the ancient Greeks used its leaves as lamp wicks!

For best results, plant rose campion in a dry, sunny spot, and water sparingly and slowly. Sow seeds on the surface -- light helps them germinate.

Cupcakes Cosmos isn't like other flowers -- its whole outer sheath is just one single petal, reminding hungry gardeners of a cupcake wrapper! These little cups will bring bees and butterflies to your yard, and are so beloved in England they can't keep the seed in stock.

Plant in warm soil, and thin to 18 inches apart.

The Victorians called Scabiosa the "pincushion flower" because they found it as beautiful as an 1800s brooch. Monarchs agree with the Victorians and Scabiosa should bring butterflies to your garden all summer long.

Plant in full sun.

These enormous flowers bloom early and look like chrysanthemums. Gigantic and glorious, a good gift for your neighbor (or your mom).

Plant them in full sun.

These hot pink pollinator magnets will please bees, butterflies and hummingbirds throughout the summer months. Plant in the sunniest spot possible. Water well until they are a few inches tall, then water only moderately.

This lacy beauty is sometimes white, sometimes pink and sometimes deep purple -- but it is always a wild carrot at heart! Also called False Queen Anne's Lace.

A joy to grow, Dara Ammi can reach four feet tall, with 7-15 stems per plant. Sow the seeds shallowly in a sunny spot.