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Flower Houses Gardening Kit

Flower Houses Gardening Kit

A themed gardening kit containing 6 seed varieties in a keepsake box letterpress printed in Portland, Oregon by Egg Press. 

  • Russian Mammoth Sunflower
  • Teddy Bear Sunflower
  • Grandpa Ott Morning Glory
  • Scarlet Runner Bean
  • Trailing Nasturtium

Sunflower forts! Bean teepees! Nasturtium tunnels!

Every child should have the experience of creating a sunflower house. Spend lazy Summer days in your own secret hideout made of beautiful blooms. Foolproof and easy to grow this collection is rewarding for the new gardener.

The size and shape of your flower house is limited only by your space and your imagination. You can create tunnels using old bike spokes or hula hoops or sticks, bean teepees using bamboo poles, or a towering sunflower house covered in flowers and vines. 

To plant a sunflower house you will want your big guys, the Russian Mammoths, to act as your walls. Once your soil is warm and it's t-shirt weather plant the seeds in a square or a semi-circle or whatever shape you like to create your house, making sure to leave a gap large enough to enter. Once they’ve grown a couple feet tall plant your climbing Morning Glory and Runner Bean and Nasturtium flower seeds near the base of their stalks and add some Teddy Bear Sunflowers near the entrance "door" to greet visitors.


These yellow flowers are as big as a dinner plate and much taller than your uncle. Fourteen inch blossoms and 9-12 foot tall stalks will provide a great stake for your flower house and a bountiful collection of sunflower seeds for your lunch.

Easy to grow. Birds love them. Plant in full or half shade.

These beautiful climbing vines drip with purple flowers, each with a "red star in its throat." Grandpa Ott's is a vigorous varietal believed to come originally from Bavaria. Blossoms throughout the season and is well-loved by hummingbirds. Will climb supports up to 8 feet tall.

*Parts of the morning glory are toxic when ingested -- don't eat it!*

Plant in a sunny spot 2 to 3 inches apart and 1 inch deep. Keep the soil moist but not soggy while you wait for the vines to sprout.

These cheerful, spicy red, orange and yellow flowers will climb up walls (or sunflowers) and make your yard a 'happy zone'! Vines grow up to 10 feet in a season and the blossoms taste great in salads.

Plant these cuties in full sun or part shade. They like poor soil so don't add fertilizer. Cover seeds with approximately 1/4 inch soil.

Kids love this shaggy dwarf sunflower that grows about two feet tall. The fluffy blossoms are a hit with birds too.

Plant in full sun, and water deeply but not too often.

Native to Central America, these vigorous vines can climb more than 10 feet in a season and will turn your yard into a festive jungle of crimson flowers. The shining, scarlet-dotted beans taste good in tacos, and the flowers drive hummingbirds wild. Win-win.

Also called "Oregon Lima Bean."

Plant in full sun, about an inch deep in the soil, and near something good to climb.